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Supporters and Sponsors

JahUnit Movement would like to send our hearts out to Louise Roberts down there at Sony.. Louise the amount of support you've given us so far is off the hook, we're so loving you right now and appreciate all you do!! Looking forward to be working with you in the near future. One love and blessings xx

JahUnit Movement would like to say a special thank you to Patsy Mckie and MAV for supporting JahUnit movement.... JahUnit would also like to ask you to check out Mothers against Violence web page we all can make a change no matter how big or small!

We would like to show some special appreciation to Dj Memories host of The Words & Riddims show, thanks for all your interest and support it's people like you that encourage us to keep going!! We at JahUnit Movement are looking forward to be working with you in the near future Dj Memories logo love your radio shows keep up the good worklove and guidance to you always from everyone at JahUnit family...

Click on the picture for Dj Memories radio show you can check her out every Tuesday 6pm - 8pm you can expect to be thoroughly entertained by your host Memories plus guests!

JahUnit Movement would like to say a massive thank you to all the guys down there at Save Africa Global Inc for supporting us and for all you that don't know Save Africa is a big charity that is there to help the children of Africa.

Just click on the image to check out Save Africa web page....

Nuff love and blessing always......

JahUnit family would like to thank everybody down there at Sony music for all your support and motivation Nuff respect guidance always JahUnit family

if you would like to get in contact with these lovely people down at Sony click on the picture for the link...

Big shout going out to all of the team at London Entertainment! Special thanks to my long time friend Ceros, loving the support you and your team are giving!! One love and blessings,JahUnit Family. .If you want to see what Ceros and the London Ent family are getting up to just click on the picture for the link.....

One love an respect to our friend DJ Special Edition, loving the support from you guys down their at Ambition Radio! stay blessed....... JahUnit

You can tune in to Ambition Radio via the link on the picture...

JahUnit Family

would like to say a special thank you to Mr Leon Skinner and everyone at Hanne & co. Thank you for your support and encouragement, it's much appreciated Nuff love always, JahUnit movement.