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Ras Future

Ras Future started in the music business from a young age singing his first tune at a local dance in the area of Brixton at the age of 14. It was here that he discovered his passion to pursue this growing talent. Quickly gaining more skills and lyrical content Ras Future joined the Fright Nite Crew and began performing throughout London and the UK. In 1998 Ras Future went on to record his first single "GAL AH LAUGH" with UK producer Daddy Noddy. From here he went on to meet a number of various producers including G Vibes.Being around individuals closely associated to the music industry within his local area, attributed to Ras Futures development and adaptation of his first skill, singing! Which lead to Ras Futures appearance on Mellows Mobile Studio sound system then Blackhawk sound system.

Since Ras Future has taken time out physically from the music industry (not mentally!) to mentor children from all ages and adults, he has begun to develop a 'movement' with his friend/business partner Vicky (Queenie) called "JahUnit Movement". The 'movement' is aimed at raising awareness, changing mind frames, raising support for charities and generally uplifting humanity. LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, STRENGTH. Look out for Ras Future and JahUnit Movement .. Jah bless one love

Team Biographies

Hi, I'm Vicky part of the JahUnit family I/we are here trying to make a difference in peoples lives. We are here to reach out to the children all over the world, of all ages to strive to make their lives better. It is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful.