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Human Angle

Posted on 7 December, 2011 at 13:54
Human Angels

When we hear the word “Angel”, many of us think of long flowing wings, radiant Light, and a calm, loving presence. I know angels are with me and do exist, I know my son is one may his soul rest in peace.
Today I would like to talk about another kind of Angel; the incarnated ones! Alas, the Human Angels; the ones who remind you of God’s loving grace and offer their love to you in the most dire situations. If I started naming names, you would be reading this Blog for days. Instead, I will refer to some of their acts of kindness and generosity that picked me up in my darkest hours and put my feet back on the ground.
One of the most significant was the one who taught me how to express myself and to find the inner strength I didn't know I had. Then there was the surprising one — the one who gave me a new breath of life and woke me up from a long dormant slumber. This Angel taught me how to appreciate and feel loved again. Then there was; the one who still walks with me even though I have emptied his pockets many times with my “save the world” mentality!
I will never forget the “Gang of Angels”the ones who showed tolerance and understanding beyond their years; the ones who allowed me to find my own wings while they stood patiently beside me.
It really is a Divine Unfoldment. I did not know how to “receive” until I was in the position of being “required to receive”. In other words emotionally, spiritually or physically unless I accepted help from others.
The truth of the matter is that God will not come down to earth to touch his children. He uses angels. Real ones from heaven with wings and human ones with no wings. Today, I got touched by a human angel and I just thank God. God sent whispers of hope to me via his own chosen channel. I doubt the channel even realized that they had been sent on an errand. As far as this 'angel' was concerned. It was just business as usual. Not for me
Many people believe that other humans have acted as angels in their lives. This is different than an angel appearing as a human and then disappearing. The human angels are humans that sometimes help the angels by relaying a message or a thought to someone when it is needed the most. The funny thing is, most human angels don't even know when they are acting as angels. They may never know they said the one thing that changed another's life.

What this means is that there is no way to try to be a human angel. You can only increase the likelihood by being yourself and seeking to live by your higher power. Human angels feel comfortable with what they are here to do, and they allow themselves to be guided into situations where they can be of help in a non-interfering way -- where they can help the angels relay a moment of pure love to another soul.

I had a relationship with my Creator for emergencies only. I called on that Presence when I did not know what else to do. What kind of relationship is that? Through my turbulent journey, I learned how to rely on that Presence in tranquil times as well as emergencies. It is through dissolving of the ego that we remember Truth; and that Truth leads us directly back to our Source. Once we remember our Source, we remember that we have everything, and thus our “one problem” has been solved.

Today, I would like to acknowledge those Human Angels who lifted me off the battlefield of pain. Like a triage unit, they treated every hurt and wounded thought I had about myself, until I was ready for the “JahUnit Movement”.
Thank you my Angels. You know who you are. I could not have walked this journey without each one of you. I would never have remembered love. I would never have found my heart, and I would never have found my way. You are forever my Angels.
My life is a voyage of hope. I will forever be surprised by the angels' message that comes to me through loving humans
Have you been touched by a human angel? Ask these questions: Did this person give you a sense of hope, a knowing that there is much more to life than the material world? Did you feel safe and comfortable in that person's presence? Was the their laugh inviting and warm? Did he or she say the one thing you needed to hear to open your mind and send you off on the right track? Was the person humble and kind? Do you want to be a human angel?

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Reply Maxine
12:23 on 8 December, 2011 
This blog is sooooooo nice and touching i really like it and i think at some point in our lives we have all been touch by an angel ca i know that i
Reply queenie
13:16 on 8 December, 2011 
Maxine says...
This blog is sooooooo nice and touching i really like it and i think at some point in our lives we have all been touch by an angel ca i know that i

Thanks for your comment about the Blog Maxine
Its a blessing to be touched by an angel....
Reply wendy
13:28 on 8 December, 2011 
yes that is so so true,and when we realise that we have come across a real life Angel,we must hold them close to our hearts forever!
Reply jermaine
12:29 on 6 March, 2012 
love your blog Queenie
its true i have came a cross an angel in my life, when times were hard and i had no one to turn to this family opened there doors and there hearts and showed me i still was somebody and made me feel love and loved again and im forever thankful for them angels. I also have my angels on earth as well as in heaven may my mum rest in sweet peace and your son baby jayden rest in peace little man......
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