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Angels above

This page was created to give you an opportunity to leave a message for love ones you have lost, a space where you can express how you feel and how much you miss them, where you can write everything you want about who they were an how they made your life so special.

They may be gone, but never are they forgotten...

Submit Name, Picture and Write up to our email address - [email protected]

Peace Love and Blessings

My story

Do you know how hard it is to hold a baby who doesn't cry,

Do you know how hard it is to tell him goodbye, although the happiness comes with sadness and the love comes with pain,

I will never regret having you, my love will stay the same.

Who could ask for anything more my life was all complete, a lovely baby boy my heart could not miss a beat,

Then things got so confusing, things got way out of hand, they told me there was no heart beat I just could not understand.

Seven months of love you gave me the most precious days of your life, I will never forget you even though your out of my sight.

We will never have the chance to play, to laugh, to rock, to wiggle, we long to hold you, touch you and listen to your giggle.

I'll always be your mum, he'll always be your dad , you'll always be our child the child we never had.

Your our sorrow, our joy, the love in every tear, one thing i do thank god for is he let us see your face, those feet, those hands, that hair, that nose all perfectly in its place.

You gone to meet our true father the lord from up above, he'll give you everything you need including all our love.

This doesn't mean we'll forgot you now, promise we wont my precious little jayden, my angel up above, you'll always be that perfect one, the angel that i love,

I love you my baby boy

Mummy (victoria small)

I gave birth to my angel jayden who was born asleep on the 15th October 2005 that day changed my life... i was battling with my mind, my heart my faith but most of all pain i felt like a incomplete mum, i was a mum with no baby then my thoughts would run on well how can i be a mum if i dont have a baby. Time is a grate haller and my baby boy helped me get threw it i could fell his presents are with me when i was at my lowest point i felt my son trying to hold me up and thats what i hold on today. I might not be able to hold him but i know his near i still talk to him because i know he can here and that alone lifts my heart... i read a poem that made my cry happy and sad im gonna shear it with u all this is for all the MOTHERS who has lost a child ....

I've lost a child, I hear my self say,

And the person I'm talking to just turns away,

Now why did I tell them , I dont understand.

It wasnt for sympathy or to get a helping hand,

I just want them to know ive lost something dear.

I want them to know my child was here.

My child left something behind witch no one can see.

My child made just one person into a family.

So if iv upset you im sorry as can be.

You ll have to forgive me , I could not resist.

I just want you to know my chilled did exist.