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About Us

"JahUnit Movement" was founded by Ras Future and co-founded by Vicky aka (Queenie).

We are an organisation here to support, uplift and nurture children, adults and communities both nationally and internationally.

The fundamental aims and values of the 'movement' are:

  • to bring people together;
  • to provide good role models;
  • to support charities and communities both nationally and internationally - to support developmental projects within the community(s) for (OUR) children;
  • to make (OUR) children more aware of, and included in resolving areas of concern within their local communities - so they get a sense of self-satisfaction through hard work and a sense of achievement by seeing what they have/could accomplish when they put their minds to it;
  • to change mind frames - building unity between people, more specifically building more avenues of communication and greater levels of understanding between children and adults;
  • to create a pre-referral service - focusing mostly upon assisting children to remain in main stream schooling;
  • to visit schools - with the intention being to GIVE children the oppportunity to have open discussion in regards to any issues or concerns they may have;
  • to support families - ensuring all family members have access to government assistance if required (i.e. benefit entitlement, pension assistance etc...), higher learning facilities, counselling services, child care support etc...;
  • to create opportunities for young people - through constant emphasis on self awareness, self belief and self confidence. With the intention of subconsciously getting young people to inspire others;
  • to give a voice to the community - with an attempt to tackle issues that directly impact our communities, via contact with local government, councils and other parliamentary organisations.

"JahUnit Movement" is reflective of a spectrum of different concerns, issues, ideas, that impact us all, regardless of age, sex, gender or culture. The aim being to bring people together, without prejudice or negativity and allowing people to have open, honest discussion in safe comfortable environments. Whether this is through holding events, live talks and/or simply music. Again the aim is to bring people together,

to break the barriers in communication between young and old and the barriers in diversity be it gender, colour, religion or wealth.

Uplift the young minds of today so tomorrow by their hands the world becomes a better place..